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Tom Shows for 2021

Talking With Tom 27th Anniversary 1/8/21


Talking with Tom guest Riley O'Connell Oct 1, 2021

“This election is a referendum on our future. I envision our community stronger than ever and prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead. Join me on this journey, and together we will finally help Wallingford realize its greatest potential.” said Riley O'Connell

Talking with Tom the Season of Thanksgiving: guest Father Kingsley Director of DMWOO,  Nov 24, 2021

Tom interviews Father Kingsley the director of the  Divine Mercy International Widows & Orphans Organization (DMWOO). This organization is a nonprofit organization of children of God who, through advocacy and fundraising, bring relief, education, and self-sufficiency to the poor and oppressed widows and orphans of Obike, Nigeria. Please visit Facebook Page:

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